General Information

Do you use animal products? The only consistently non-vegan items we carry are beeswax-based balms and salves. All soaps, body butter and scrubs are vegan unless otherwise noted and vegan-wax-based lip balm is available upon request.

Do you use fragrances in your products? We take pride in our unique scents. Our soap is scented using only edible matter or essential oils. No fragrance oil or chemical fragrance is used in our products.

Where can I buy your products? We are local to Central Pennsylvania. You can find Lyes and Lathers handmade soaps and other skincare goodies in locations around Harrisburg, Carlisle, York, Lancaster and Mechanicsburg. Find exact locations here.

Do you teach classes? Private classes are available on a case-by-case basis. Please email the artist directly for consideration.

How do I get my soap to last longer? Handmade soap requires special care. Keeping your bar as dry as possible, using a self-draining soap dish and a cotton washcloth are all ways to ensure your bar lasts up to 25 showers and beyond.

Can I use the soap on my body? Of course! Our face-specific bar was made with delicate skin in mind but all soaps are formulated to be gentle on all skin, including babies and those with sensitivity issues.

How do I use the body scrub? Our whipped sugar scrubs have a creamy texture and rinse off cleanly, leaving behind a non-greasy feeling you'll love. On damp skin, use your fingers or hands to rub and scrub away dead skin. After rinsing in warm water, pat dry with a soft towel. We recommend using the scrub within a week of opening.

Inquiries and Large Orders

Do you make soap favors for bridal and/or baby showers? Sure do! Send an email to for a quote.

Do you do custom soap orders? We love to work on new projects. Feel free to contact us for a design quote and minimum order requirements.

Do you wholesale your soap? Any US-based brick-and-mortar store interested in wholesale orders can fill out our wholesale inquiry form here. International wholesale is not available.

How can I get your products in my store? We work with retail locations of all sizes! Fill out our wholesale inquiry form or request a starter pack!

Do you ship worldwide? We ship internationally to select countries. If you don't see your country listed, email us for a quote!

How can I get your products for my event?

  • If you're hosting a handmade, juried event without direct sales vendors, we would love to hear about it! Please email us!
  • If you're hosting a non-profit fundraiser for your organization and need donations, please send a copy of your letter on company letterhead with details including date and amount needed in the body of the email.