Why Lyes and Lathers?

My friends call me a 'serial learner', which is exactly how I'd like to be described if someone had something not-so-nice to say about me. What they're trying to say is my relentless pursuit of perfection cannot be contained to a single subject. After mastering one subject, I tend to dive right back in for more. Spending 8 combined years in the restaurant world and attending culinary school gave me a massive chunk of information to chew on for quite some time. When I decided it was time to bring some science into the kitchen, I can't say I predicted that I'd become a soapmaker. If you think about it, though, it makes a lot of sense. Soap is nothing more than Hollandaise à la Mr. Yuk and reacts a lot like food. There's still recipes I have to follow and I've been familiar with all the tools I now use since 2003. Just switch the sense organ taking information in and I'm using every ounce of my formal training on a day-to-day basis. Soapmaking allows me to express my creativity while the intricacies of it all keep my mind engaged in a game of cat and mouse that's nearly irresistible.


With the recent turn toward natural living, I wanted to make a product that is accessible to many without being a cookie cutter business. For this reason, many of my products are suitable for those avoiding animal products as well as those with sensitivities to chemical fragrances and dyes. You won't find your cousin's favorite 'Apricot Freesia' soap here, but I like to think I've put a modern twist on the classic soap scents we've all come to expect. My favorite thing about my soap is the way that it lathers. I still use a healthy amount of the luxury oil obtained from the pits of avocados, even when faced with passive criticism concerning my bottom line. It's simply the only thing that helps my own skin, and it's the reason you'll love it too.


Whenever you buy a Lyes and Lathers product, you're not exchanging cash for a box spit out onto a conveyor in a factory somewhere. You're investing in my philosophy and creativity. You're investing in your own skin's health. You're investing in the crazy notion that real people can make stuff better than a corporation. And along the way, you're helping my little family grow up happy and well-fed. Join us in our relentless pursuit of perfection. You deserve a little well-researched luxury in your life.

-Jena M., real person